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Southeast Asia Travel Guide eBook - The Wellness Seeker (Ancient and Traditional Healing Secrets)

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Southeast Asia is a place of extreme beauty and wilderness. The Spiritual practices and philosophies of Hinduism and Theravada Buddhism have influenced the food, martial arts, and way of living. Mindfulness, meditation, self-awareness, and compassion are some of the practices that travelers learn in Southeast Asia. I have visited almost all Southeast Asia countries: ThailandSingaporeLaosIndonesiaPhilippinesVietnamMalaysiaMyanmar, and Cambodia. Are you looking for wellness in Southeast Asia?

This Southeast Asia Travel Guide e-book also Incudes:

Theravada Meditation Techniques

(shamatha meditation Vipassana meditation)

Top Southeast Asia Temples

Southeast Asia Massage Treatments

Traditional Medicine

Southeast Asia Martial Arts

Herbs and Medicinal Plants

Healthy Southeast Asia Nutrition

Learn traditional dances, visit the nicest beaches, find the best massage treatments, and practice martial arts for your well-being. For sure is one of the best destinations to visit for wellness and natural therapies. Herbs and Medicinal parts of the plants are used by many ethnic groups in Southeast Asia. As I lived, in Southeast Asia for more than 15 years, this is not just a book is a life journey.

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