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Greece Travel Guide eBook - The Sacred Land - By The Wellness Seeker (Ancient and Traditional Healing Secrets)

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Greece is a sacred land and has many therapeutic traditions. Is the foundation of Western civilization and is known for its history, its sunlight, the beautiful beaches, the white houses with brilliant blue shutters, and its delicious cuisine. Greece is where I'm from and I have visited numerous locations throughout Greece. This travel guide includes the following locations:

This Greece Travel Guide e-book Incudes:

Mainland: AthensCorinthSpartaKalamataPatrasGithioMeteoraIoanninaMetsovoDelphi

Thessaloniki, and Aridaia. Islands: RhodesKosPatmosIkariaCorfu, and Crete.

Through my trips, I found more about:

Ancient Greek Medicine

Mediterranean Diet and Longevity

Greek Philosophy

Greek Orthodox Hesychasm

Ancient Greek Athletics

Greek Mythology and Theology

I understood how to use philosophy as soul-healing therapy. I came closer to the real Christian teachings. I explored the secrets of the Mediterranean diet and tried to find out why some people reached longevity in those places. Finally, I learned more about ancient Greek medicine, and I studied the Greek gods on a deeper level.

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