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Meditation Journeys By Evexiandros: Ambient Ethnic Music

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Music for chakra healing, meditation, visualization, relaxation, harmony & balance. These are the soundtracks from the wellness seeker films. Travel with your mind, a spiritual journey for deep meditation and inner healing.

Music CD Tracks:

  1. Arabian Dreams
  2. Brazil Mystery
  3. Buddha Master
  4. Independence
  5. Khmers
  6. Myanmar Mountains
  7. Safdarjung's Tomb
  8. Southwestern Coast
  9. The Big Temple
  10. The Fakirs
  11. The Great Wall
  12. The Jangle Beat
  13. The Quran Passenger
  14. The Tibetans
  15. The Tribe
  16. The Water Filter
  17. Uncharted

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