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The Wellness Seeker - "Evexiandros"

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The Wellness Seeker

About The Wellness Seeker

Hi, my name is Emmanuel, I’m an author, blogger, and documentary filmmaker, but besides that, I’m a Natural medicine researcher. My real passion is the search for wellness. My author’s pen name is Evexiandros, I chose that name as according to the Ancient Greeks, names should be created by the way you live your life. Evexiandros in Greek means Men of Wellness, much like my website.


I travel around the world and I explore traditional medicine secrets, alternative treatments, folk healing practices, superfoods, athletic activities, meditation techniques, and philosophy pathways. I’m seeking healing in every corner of this planet.

Holistic Medicine Books and eBooks

Traditional Medicine & Herbal Remedies Books. Explore our holistic medicine books to learn about natural medicine, herbal treatments, and inner healing.

Holistic Medicine Documentary Films

For those who enjoy exploring alternative treatments and spirituality, check out The Wellness Seeker documentary films. Those holistic medicine films are distributed throughout the world. Educate, arouse, and motivate.

Ethnic Ambient Meditation Music

Music for chakra healing, meditation, visualization, relaxation, harmony & balance. These are the soundtracks from the wellness seeker movies.

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